The history of the Kempeni Manor began along with the formation of Kempeni parish, which was unified with Evele parish in 1892. The Manor has had three owners, the last one - between 1882 and the Latvian land reform in the 1920s - being Dr med. Oscar v. Kobylinski. According to stories of old locals, Kobylinski was known as a prominent doctor. A burial site of the Kobylinski family is located in the Evele cemetery.

In 1929, the time of the first Latvian independence, my grandfather, Teodors Aboltins, inherited 24,71 hectares of the Kempeni Manor land, the servant house (built in 1890) of the Manor and several auxiliary buildings.

Sixty-one years later, which included 50 years of the Soviet regime, in May 1990, property rights to the grandfather's estate were restored and the Kempeni farm was formed comprising 63 hectares of land.

Starting 1993, the Kempeni has been operating as a demonstration farm. In the summer of 1996 the first guest arrived on the farm. This event marked the beginning of the farm as a tourism enterprise.

Today the Kempeni farm operates in the agricultural sphere - cultivation of grain, forestry, sheep-farming, fish breeding and the rural tourism using historic background of the 19th century manor servant house, the spaciousness of the building and its surroundings.